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What will you find here? Plenty! Information about countries, dependencies, territories, islands, oceans, and the world as a whole!
Information includes:
  • Introduction - Background information for the country
  • Flag of the country - More flags than the CIA World Factbook!
  • Map of the country - Shows major cities.
  • Geography - Location, Geographic coordinates, Map references, Area, Comparative size, Border countries, Coastline, Maritime claims, Climate, Terrain, Elevation extremes, Land use, Natural hazards, Environmental issues
  • People - Population, Age structure, Population growth rate, Sex ratio, Life expectancy at birth, Nationality, Ethnic groups, Religions, Languages, Literacy
  • Government - Country name, Government type, Capital, Administrative divisions, Independence, National holiday, Constitution, Legal system, Suffrage, Executive branch, Legislative branch, Judicial branch, Political parties and leaders, Political pressure groups and leaders, Diplomatic representation, Flag description
  • Economy - Economic overview, GDP, Population below poverty line, Inflation rate, Labor force, Unemployment rate, Budget, Industries, Electricity, Agriculture, Imports, Exports, Debt, Economic aid, Currency, Exchange rates, Fiscal year
  • Communications - Telephones, Radio broadcast stations, Radios, Television broadcast stations, Televisions, Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Transportation - Railways, Highways, Pipelines, Ports and harbors, Merchant marine, Airports
  • Military - Military branches, Military manpower, Military expenditures
  • Transnational Issues - International disputes, Illicit drugs
  • Current Weather Conditions - Current weather is displayed for most countries/territories both in English and Metric. Weather is provided by The Weather Underground
  • And Much More!
Just follow the navigation toolbar at the left. Countries are listed by their full names both in English and in their native language when available. Names formerly used have been included when possible.
Flags of the World and Maps of the World take you to pages where you can browse all of the flags and maps in just a few pages. Clicking on a thumbnail will enlarge the picture.
Use this site! Explore the world! Do research for your class, for your homework, or just for your own curiosity. Use this site for your Model UN class. Or find out what the current weather is in Antarctica, just because you were curious.
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QUESTIONS... If you have any questions, need help finding information, have a comment, or just want to chat, then drop me a note. I promise that I do not bite.