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Who are we?

And why do we do this?
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Where did My World Atlas come from?

Back in 1996 I decided to write a home page. I wanted to have a site that people would use, not one of those "Hi this is me and my friends and my pet dog" pages.
I built my page at GeoCities, which has since been bought out by Yahoo. I created my site in their Rainforest neighborhood. My site listed the environmental concerns of each country in the world. The site had about ten pages. I started expanding the site, adding links to the different countries. At that time I named the site "WorldLink".
But then I became ambitious. I added three pages of information for each country. I added flags and maps of each of the countries. And I changed the name to "Dream-the-Dream.com", inspired by part of the John Lennon song, "Imagine".
Then I really got busy. I started looking for the National Anthems of each country, but have found them to be either not found or complicated with copyright or royalty issues. I started looking for links to information on each country, which I am currently redesigning. I started to list books about and music from each country, a task which I have just begun. And I added a page for pictures or letters from people of each country. I have found a good source of pictures from each country, and am now just waiting for the funds to purchase the rights. And I renamed the site to it's current name, "MyWorldAtlas.com". The Atlas is now over 1900 pages of information
But who am I? My name is Bob, and I live in Sarasota, Florida USA. I've lived in suburban New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Colorado, and Michigan. I have a wife, five grown children, and four birds (two conures and two cockatiels). I had a pet rock, but it died! I've worked as a CPA in public accounting as well as a Corporate Controller. When I moved to Florida I began work in retail sales, where I was a store manager for many years. After my heart surgery I stepped down as store manager and became a retail salesmaker. If anyone has a position for a jack of all trades hands on manager-accountant then please write to me.
When I first signed on to the internet I hadn't thought about an internet name. Needing to come up with something quickly, and not really thinking, I came up with the name sarasotabob, which has stuck with me. Later I began using the name ZhengHe. ZhengHe lived about the same time as Columbus. The emporer of China ordered him to explore the world. Even though he knew nothing of exploration or sailing, he was a good administrator, and hired people who did. While Columbus was exploring the world on three small ships ZhengHe set sail with a crew of 25 thousand to explore the world for the emporer. I've tried to make this site a place where you can also explore the world.
Happy exploring!
Bob "ZhengHe" Starkgraf