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My World Atlas FAQ

That stands for Frequently Asked Questions!
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Questions and Answers

Who am I?
See the "About Us" page for the details.
How big is the Atlas?
It is about 85 MB of information spread over about 1924 pages.
How was it written?
The basic layout of the Atlas was done with Homesite 5 for the HTML and TopStyle for the cascading style sheets. The images and thumbnails were done with Arles. The current Atlas was done in HTML 4.0.
Does the Atlas make bunches of money?
No, I usually take in about $50 a year in donations and from the sale of copies of the Atlas.
Does the Atlas cost bunches of money?
Yes, domain name fees, web hosting, email hosting, the cost of programs to work on it, and the cost of securing information.
How many people work on the Atlas?
Just me, and about eight thousand hours of work to this point.